Friday, June 17, 2011

NYX Single Eye Shadow in Peach Bronze

I got this shadow because I wanted to buy something, honestly. Haven't you ever gone into a store set on buying something, and when you find that they don't have what you want, you'll still buy anything, just to buy something. Well I do that (and my boyfriend recently called me out on it)
I went to ULTA and they were having a buy1 get 1 sale on NYX, which is why i went there, to get some jumbo eye pencils and lipsticks. I ended up with 3 products because they were sold out of the eye shadow i wanted (they were sold out of a lot of stuff, though I love my ULTA they need to stock up better)
So instead of putting back a lipstick I decided to utilize the sale and grab just any old eye shadow that caught my eye, and was available.
That's how I ended up with peach bronze.

Now with that whole story out there, let me say how much I LOVE this shadow. In the pan and swatched on my wrist it comes off a peachy/golden/bronzey shade which I was excited about, but on my lid its comes off more of a true gold. And I love golds. It all depends on how you apply the shadow. Sweeping it on (like how I did it on my lids) will give you more of a gold look, but patting it on will give you a peachy shade (like I did swatched on my wrist.) 


I have never owned a single eye shadow by NYX before, I only have those look kits (which you can see here and here) but the shadows don't compare. While the shadows in the look kits are great, the single shadows (I'm guessing in general based one the one i own) are AMAZING. Buttery soft and smooth. The pigmentation is to die for. I now understand why people are gaga over these shadows. 

Peach Bronze is a color that I use without any other shadows. I am able sweep the color on my lid and then blend it into my crease creating a very easy and beautiful look. Even used with other shadows this shadow will be the star of the look. I am in love with it.
Pros: pigmented, smooth, soft, blendable, versatile
Cons: fallout

I am recommending this shadow to everyone. I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy this shadow and give them out to some of my friends.
Two thumbs up

Have any of you used this shade? What do you think about it? Or what do you think about NYX shadows in general?

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  1. I love the NYX single shadows! They really are great quality & such a wide color selection! I have black (matte black), yellow funk (matte bright yellow), cherry (shimmery red), and lime green (shimmery green-gold, like MAC lucky green) and they're all awesome!