Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Milani INFINITE Liquid Eye Liner

Let me just start off by saying that it took me forever to write this blog, I don't know why, but every time I put it up on my computer screen, everything else seemed more interesting. 
Even right now I'm struggling because I just want to watch YouTube videos.
Before a year ago I wasn't too into eye makeup. I had maybe one mascara at a time and only one pencil eye liner, in black, that I'd sharpen and then heat with a lighter so the pencil would go on more smoothly and the color would be darker. Plus I did that typical high school thing where you only wear eye liner on your waterline. 

*Everlast, Infinite, Forever, Eternal, Endless*

About a year ago, when I started to really get into eye makeup these were the first things bought, hand to GOD. I decided that I not only was going to venture into eye shadow, but also eye liner, but the typical liquid liner concept scared me. I saw these and honestly thought they were felt tip liners. And with so many pretty colors I couldn't pass them up. I bought the bronze one. 
Well they aren't felt tip liners (HA) and it took me a while to get a hang of the brush, but I did and I fell in love. I even repurchased the bronze and springing for the other colors. 

*Everlast, Infinite, Forever, Eternal, Endless*

The brush is hard to work with in the beginning because its thick, it does take some practice. The formula is also thick, so you have to be careful not to gloop it on top of your eye. The formula takes a long time to dry, about a full minute for a thin layer and up to five minutes for anything thicker. They look like they dry to a shinny finish (like in the picture above) but thats how they look wet. They dry to a nice flat finish (like pictured below) some being frosty, metallic and matte. 
And the pigmentation! 
Its to be jealous about, the picture below is only one swipe from each color. The staying power is equally insane, I could not get the swatches off the back of my hand for the life of me. I did not have an oil based makeup remover so i just had to let it go away on its own, it turned out to be almost two days! When Milani advertised these liners as long lasting they meant it.

*Everlast, Infinite, Forever, Eternal, Endless*

Pros: long lasting, pigmentation, portable, color options
Cons: Thick formula, thick brush, drying time.

I feel that if you are willing to work with the brush and don't mind the drying time that you would thoroughly enjoy this liner, but it could be a deal breaker.
I don't recommend this to everyone.

Have you ever tried these liners? What did you think?

One thumb up

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