Thursday, June 16, 2011

E.L.F. Eye Brightening Eye Shadow Pots

I got these eye shadow pots in a look kit by E.L.F at BigLots. It came with awful fake lashes, awful eyeliner and an awful mascara but at the point when i bought it I didn't own many E.L.F. thing and wanted to try it. I was happy that these shadows were amazing making it worth all the other crap that it came with. I think these are even better then the studio single shadows. I believe they are the same formula are the brighten eye color quads and are from the quad Butternut, but I'm not sure, these don't have names.

The lightest shade is a nice butter cream color. It looks exactly like real vanilla ice cream with a satin finish. The darker shades is like a chocolate brown, with gold glitter in it. The two shades compliment each other extremely well and I love using these as a quick everyday look. It takes about 3 minutes ti create a nice, fresh, bright look with these. 

These colors are pigmented, soft and blends like a dream, the only problem with the softness is that it creates some fallout if you don't pay attention. The lightest shade is just gorgeous, a bright, butter cream, champagne color and the darkest shade is my favorite. I love neutral colors but not just neutrals, I LOVE browns. This is an amazing shade. A warm, chocolate brown with gold glitter, it's a brown I usually search for. It was love at first swatch.

Here is my everyday eye with the shadows

Pros: pigmentation, blendable, soft
Cons: fallout, these pots are only found in kits

I suggest that if you find the kits containing these shadow pots, or any other colors snatch them up! They're amazing and the fallout can be worked with. And if you can't find the kits, get the eye brightening color quads.
Two thumbs up

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