Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Little Look At My Makeup Collection

At some point soon I will do a makeup collection video, but this is just a little preview of it, a quick look into my collection. So lets dive it :)
1. This is my desk, which i now use primarily for makeup. I have my Conair light up mirror, a standard desk lamp, some of my home made palettes, my Ipod speakersd

2. This is the other side of the desk, I'm able to fit my computer on it and have some arts and crafts projects behind that.

3. This is my white board which is hanging above my desk. I wrote down all my home made palettes, and what is inside of them, so I don't have to go through each palette to find what I want to use.

4. Next to my desk I have a large entertainment center with different sized cubbies. One of the largest cubbies in the middle is the perfect size for everything I have thus far. 

5. I have 4 3-drawer sterilite units and on top I keep cotton balls, nail polish remover, an extra mirror and lots of makeup remover wipes.

6. The first drawer is filled with miscellaneous items. A nail file, purse mirror, tide to go pen, eyelash curlers. 

7. Below that is my foundations, tinted moisturizers and setting powders.

8. The next drawer is for my concealers and highlighters

9. The next drawer is for my blushers and bronzers

10. The next drawer is for lipsticks and lip liners

11. The last drawer in the first row if drawers is for lip glosses and lip balms

12. The second drawer is the second row of drawers is for smaller eye shadows palettes like my natural eye kit, NYX palettes, Milani, ect..

13. The next drawer is for my single shadows and mineral shadows

14. The next drawer is for my creme and gel eyeliners and also creme bases

15. This drawer is for my pencil and liquid eye liners and my eyebrow products

16. The last drawer is for my mascara, some are opened, most aren't and some are done but I'm saving them until I do a review. I also keep my favorite eyelash curler there.

17. Next to the drawers i have standard metal book ends and I use those to hold my larger palettes like Coastal Scents and my home made palettes (which are currently somewhere else.)

18. These are my home made palettes which should be between my book ends, but are on my desk. 

Well that's it for a little look at my collection, hope you enjoyed it.