Wednesday, November 9, 2011

N.Y.C. City Curls Mascara

A collage photo? You know what that means. Mobile blog post! Woooooooooooo

Anyway, I have to say I am sort of in love with this mascara. I bought it almost a month ago, picking it out because when I buy makeup, I pretty much have to get one of everything, which means, I tend to get mascaras. I always wanted to try an N.Y.C. mascara but just never got around to it, until now, obviously. 

The price was a major factor in my purchase. At about 3 dollars its a bargain, and even if you hate this mascara, it was only 3 bucks, which is a lot better than paying 10 dollars for a crappy mascara, which has happened to me before. Plus! I always seem to find that N.Y.C. is on sale, so that makes it even more enticing. 

The wand is pretty small, tapers at the end, has a slight curve, and is the natural bristles.. I really love this wand, I think its my perfect wand. I kind of want to use this wand in other mascaras. It is great and grabbing and finding those little lashes. 

The formula holds my curls better than most mascaras, which really surprised me because it isn't waterproof. Now since I started using a lash boosting serum my lashes are not as small as they use to be, but they're not long either. They are pin straight and thin. This mascara doesn't necessarily add length, but it definitely thickens and holds a curl. I don't actually think it would curl without the help of an eyelash curler, but I always curl my lashes so that point is moot to me. 

The color isn't as black as you can get, and there is only one shade for this mascara, but it is dark enough for me and I only need one coat, ONE! for my lashes to look they way they do. 

I recommend this mascara. I am definitely going to repurchase this, and for the price, maybe I can buy an eye shadow as well. Hahaha, oh makeup addiction. 

Two thumbs up