Monday, February 28, 2011

This Is Not Nude on Nude

At first glance this could look like NYX's Nude On Nude palette, and if you're thinking that I already did a Nude on Nude review, then all I have to say is Thank You, you read my last blog post. :)
 Apparently this is so similar to Nude on Nude, that when I showed them to my other makeup junkie friend, she asked if I had bought 2 of the same palette. But I couldn't resist. ULTA was having a BOGO sale on NYX and these are the colors I gravitate towards, and though they look the same, they're definitely not. 
 It is in a sleek black compact box that fits into the palm of your hand, housing a mirror, 9 shadows, 2 lip color, and a dual shadow/lip brush. There are 3 finishes: matte, shimmer and velvet. The 2 lip colors are just... ugly. In my opinion, I will never use them. 
 The shades are warmer than the Nude palette because it's the Bronze palette. (ha)
The shades are great for summer time. Sun kissed skin and this palette will go hand in hand. I'll use it all year round though. 
 The shadows in this palette are better than the Nude palette. The shadows are extremely pigmented and blend flawlessly without creating a muddy, ruddy mess. They are soft, smooth and don't have any fallout (i haven't created any at least) 
 All the shades compliment each other so you can create a sexy eye quickly, or just sweep one color on the you lid and you'll be good to go. 

Pros: pigmented, soft, portable, blendable, sleek, cheap.
Cons: the two lips colors.

Just like the Nude on Nude palette this is a must have. 
Two thumbs up

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