Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Elegant Evening Clutch Suprise

This looks like it could be a nice evening clutch, great for a party, or just for a night out and you want a touch of fancy. I mean this case is nicer then most purses I own. But its not a clutch, and i actually feel bad for putting in my purse, because I have to pull out this beautiful thing, and my purse can't compare.
 This actually happens to be the Sonia Kashuk Glitter Glows Eye Palette from her holiday 2010 collection. This is my first Sonia Kashuk item and since it's not the holiday season anymore I got it for $4.65 on clearance at Target instead of the $17 it use to be. 
 This palette is thin and sleek. It fits in the palm of my hand. I love the silvery, glittery outside and that it feels sturdy. The inside is a different story though. 
The top row has 3 eye shadows, silver glitter, white glitter and gold glitter. The bottome row has 3 liner/shadows, grey with glitter, black with glitter and brown with glitter. When I first saw this palette i was excited. I don't have any shadows quite like these and was very disappointed because I don't believe that the glitter shadows should even be considered shadows. Its basically a loosely packed glitter that goes every where and has no color pay off. 
The liners, which could serve as shadows, are just so-so, to me at least. They're soft and can blend, but they need to be packed on and feel sort of dry. 
This palette does accomplish what it was intended for, giving you a party glam look. 

Pros: packaging, pretty colors, portable
Cons: fallout, too much glitter, no color payoff

I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone and am glad that I paid less then 5 dollars for it, so its not like I lost a lot of money. Its better then paying the original 17 dollars. 
Two thumbs down