Monday, October 31, 2011

Essence Lipstick in Creamy Nude

So once again I am blogging on my phone. Which I loooooove. But since it can be hard to upload multiple photos while on a mobile device I decided to use my smarts and said to myself "Cassidy, why don't you download an app that can create collages so all the pictures you want to show will upload as one?" I patted myself on the back for that one. So now you know, if you see a collage, it's. Mobile blog. Enjoy.

*side note* I already wrote this out and loveddd it! Somehow it got erased as it failed to upload. So I'm re-writing it. It's not gonna be as awesome or funny. Anywayyyyyy

This product can be found at ULTA, and is my new HG, favorite, obsessing over lipstick. I love Essence as a brand in general and think it deserves more press and acknowledgment and this lipstick should be the poster product. 

Price- the price of this lipstick is insane! For a mere $2.50 you can own my favorite lipstick. I have paid A LOT more for a high end lipstick that ended up being crap. I suggest you go ahead, splurge a little and get.this lipstick

Packaging- I actually really like the packaging. It looks so chic and I love the color. Its supposed to actually match the color of the lipstick. I've heard some people say they don't like it because it feels really light so it feels cheap but to me that isn't a problem. I rather have a light feeling lipstick that looks really chic compared to a really heavy lipstick that will be weighing down my pocket. 

Color- This is my perfect nude lip color. It's a neutral lipstick and when I stay neutral I mean The natural pigmentation of your lips changes the color so it won't be the exact same color on everybody. On me it becomes more of a brown nude shade than a pink nude shade. I always wondered why nude lipsticks never looked quite right on me and it was because I was always bought pink nude shades instead of brown nude shades. 

Everything else- the pigmentation isn't as great as some other lipsticks. The color lasts about 2 hours before you have to reapply and I have heard from some other people that if your lips are un even with pigmentation that the color might not go on as evenly. I am lucky though because my lips are lightly pigmented and are evenly pigmented so the color goes on great. It is a cream lipstick so it goes on very smooth and has a glossy look and feel. Overall I am absolutely in love with this lipstick. It is my perfect nude lipstick and I recommend it to everybody. I believe that the fact that it doesn't last very long can be overlooked for how amazingly priced it is and how awesome the color is. 

 Two thumbs up