Friday, June 17, 2011

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

These are one of those products that most people who know anything about makeup have, and that everyone who makes YouTube videos raves about, but I am here to say, that I agree.
I mean what can I say, these pencils are amazing, and a lot cheaper than MAC Paint Pots.
I had never heard of jumbo pencils or even NYX before I started watching YouTube videos about a year and a half ago, but then again I didn't really care because I wasn't into eye shadow, I barely even owned any. Then almost a year ago, BAM! I want eye shadow. I was to do crazy looks and wear it everyday, so what do I do? I go on YouTube and look at tutorials, and recommended products. But I thought all I needed was the eye shadow, and bases were based on preferences. But no. Just like shadows are always better with a primer, some shadows show up better with a base.  
                                          *french fries, lime, strawberry milk, cottage cheese, yogurt*

Bases aren't needed every time, for every shadow or every look, but they're helpful to have. Especially when you just bought some amazing looking shadows but the colors aren't popping on your skin like they do in the pan. A base would come in very handy in that situation. I like how you're eye shadow can transform when using different colored bases. For the most part they go on creamy, but I find that milk, the matte white shade, is more dry and can come off chalky, I'm wondering if its just mine, or if the matte shades are like that in general. Other wise the shimmery ones i have are creamy and blend out effortlessly, which is good because if you don't blend it out, it will crease. I love how milk can brighten any eye shadow look and how each base can give the same eye shadow a different look.


Pros: creamy, blendable, many color options and finishes, MAC Paint Pot dupes, portable, easy to use, pigmented
Cons: can crease if too much producted is used, some products might be chalky

I recommend this product to everyone. Bases can really transform your look and these are affordable and worth the hype. I hope to get more.
Two thumbs up

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