Saturday, December 11, 2010

Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow 8 Pan

So I was shopping at Target one day, getting some much needed clothes when i have some extra money, so what do i do? I go stroll through the makeup section of course :)
I was looking for some purple eyeshadow when I came across Maybelline, I heard some good reviews on this pan and decided to get it. But the only one they had was the Sunbaked Neutral pan. I enjoy browns/coppers/greens so I decided to get this one instead.
And boy am I glad I did. I love every single color in this palette. It can give me my everyday neutral look and can build up to become more dramatic. Its super portable, i mean, if I go on a trip all i truly need is this palette because it has all the colors I need. There are a combination of matte, shimmer and frost shadows.
I'm glad Maybelline reformulated their shadows because this doesn't crease or fade on me, and it isn't chalky. I guess Maybelline finally got something right in my book.
(sunbaked neutrals)

(sunbaked neutrals)

(sunbaked neutrals)

Pros: portable. affordable. easy to apply and remove. blend-able. great colors.
Cons: the frosted shades can end up putting glitter on your face. if you have darker skin (i'm porcelain like) the colors might not show up
Bottom line is get this if you come across it. I'm going to go out and get the rest of the pans.
Two thumbs up

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  1. Love this palette. I'm fair as well & hazel-eyed so I'm able to pull of a LOT of looks with this. :)

    Great review!