Monday, December 6, 2010

Milani Liquif'Eye eyeliner

I love Milani products, and this came at me by surprise because of how amazing i find it to be. This product is a serious dupe to the Urban Decay pencil liners. They're soft, pigmented and long lasting. The only problem is they only come in 5 colors! Black, brown, aqua, silver and gold. But these will run you about 5 dollars while Urban Decay will be around 18. With these around, the only reason I'd spend money on Urban Decay liners is to get different colors.
(silver, brown, black)

(silver, brown, black)
They're suppose to give the feel of a liquid liner, and to me, it delivers. I cannot live without these liners now that I have found them. I have showered with them on and they haven't budged, and my cousin has gone through my mother funeral, with all the crying, and they haven't budged. I give this product two thumb, two hands, two arms up!
Love love love it.

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