Tuesday, December 7, 2010

L'Oreal HIP Mascara

This is my HG mascara. I absolutely love it and cannot live without it. I never knew the L'Oreal made a HIP mascara because it has never been at my local CVS or Rite Aid. I would see these tutorials and YouTube videos with this mascara and thought it a shame because it must have been discontinued before i even knew it existed. WRONG! It was hiding at Walgreens this entire time.  I went into a Walgreens with my grandma randomly one day and there it was, and i had to have it. From the minute I opened it I loved it, the brush wasn't big, but full. There was no scent, the formula was nice to my sensitive eyes. No flaking, no clumps, no smudging. The color is dramatic. It adds volume to the base of my lashes and then lengthens them as well. It does everything I want it to! The very next day I decided to only wear mascara and through my glasses my grandma commented on how amazing my lashes looked! I think I might just go and stock up on this mascara just in case it gets taken off the shelves.

Two thumbs way up, if i could, I'd throw my whole body up.

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