Thursday, December 9, 2010

Maybelline VolumeXLSeduction Lip Plumper

I love lip plumpers. I feel that my lips aren't necessarily thin, more deflated looking, with a lot of lines in them, which makes me feel weird since I'm only 21. I picked this up on an outing with my grandma, because one I enjoyed the color tremendously, I like how sleek and metallic the tube is and I liked how it was a lip plumper, but I decided to put it back, for a the L'Oreal HIP mascara. I vowed that when I could, I'd grab this again. 
Last week I caught a mistake on one of my boyfriend's receipts in time for him to go and fix it, saving him some money. Which I then got out of him by convincing him to spend the saved cash on me, by buying me this lip plumper. 
I used it immediately.  
(peachy flush #405)

(peachy flush #405)

(peachy flush #405)

My boyfriend noted that it fills out some of the creases in my lips, that the color was good, and that my lips were slightly more plump. There was a numbing effect that turned into a slight tingle over time. It smells like candy and tastes pretty decent. The formula is not too thick but coats my lips well, leaving a nice sheen and when it wears off my lips are soft. The tip is hard plastic with about 6 holes in it where the product comes out. One twist of the bottom is all you need because plenty of product comes out, which i enjoy.
Pros: good pigmentation, smell, taste. Sleek and attractive tube. A little goes a long way and does not irritate my skin if it goes outside of my lip line. Leaves my lips feeling soft.
Cons: doesn't actually plump. Too pricey for a product that doesn't do as it claims. Doesn't stay on my lips long.
Bottom line is I would re-buy this, but only as a lip gloss, not a plumper, and only because I truly enjoy the color. 
One thumb up

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