Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain

This lip stain is not one of my most used, because I personally just don't like it that much. I bought it thinking I was going to enjoy it as much as the OutLast lip stain, but to me, it was a fail. I wish I would have returned it so I could have gotten something I would have enjoyed. 
PROS: marker-style application, inexpensive.
CONS: tastes bitter, dries out my lips, comes out much darker then advertised so i thought putting a gloss over it to help, nope, where ever the gloss went the stain came off, no staying power (so can it actually be a stain?) 
(Touch of Toffee)

(Touch of Toffee)

(Touch of Toffee)

So to put it plain and simply, I will not be repurchasing this item, nor will I recommend it. I don't own many Maybelline products and I'm starting to wonder if it's because they have all been fails (for me). I'm not sure, but this definitely is, two thumbs way way down.


  1. I almost bought this!!! Thanks for sharing! So I posted on another post by accident so just in case you don't see it: Hi! This is Joann from the Beauty Broadcast fb page. Love your blog background! Hope you can check out my blog sometime :)

    xoxo, Joann

  2. i would love to read your blog!
    just link me :)