Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wet n' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette

I saw this palette being used by Emily Eddington, or Emilynoel83 on her blog and her YouTube videos (
I had never really seen many Wet 'n' Wild products at my local drugstores, i mean there's a section for them, but its very tiny, and its never stocked really. But luck caught me by surprise when my boyfriend came into my bedroom at 4 A.M on black Friday, waking me up with catalogs for sales. He wants to go to Kmart and buy a video game. I agree as long as he will put up with me going through all the makeup. So at 6 A.M i dragged myself out of bed, got a coffee and headed down to Kmart. 
I was HUGELY disappointed, not by the makeup, but by the fact that nothing was jumping out at me, nothing popped out and made me think "oooo i have to buy this" But I decided to look through the Wet 'n' Wild section since I don't come across this brand too often, and it's usually affordable so I wouldn't feel bad if it turned out to be a crap product. Then I saw this palette and remembered reading good reviews on a few sites and decided to get it. Why not? It was only 2 dollars. They only had Vanity left (which was fine with me since i mostly prefer browns and golds), though i would have enjoyed Greed, Lust and Pride. 
The first thing I did when I got home was sleepy, but when I woke up I used this palette.

No flash
My camera does not do these swatches justice

This palette is amazing, and for the price, its unbeatable. They are extremely soft and super pigmented, I can just lightly dab my finger into the shadows and get the color on. I love that there are 3 matte, and 3 shimmer shades. I enjoy having options. The colors are all beautiful and with 6 shades you can make different looks. This palette gives me my perfect natural look, a look thats good for work or on a weekday and the colors blend easily. I even use the shimmer white in the middle of my bottom lip and on my cupids bow to give my lips a fuller look. Wet N' Wild has been coming out with some amazing products, turning from a brand I'd spend a dollar on and use as play makeup as a child into a brand I'd spend more money on and use as an adult. And this palette proves that. 
Pros: cheap price, good pigmentation, convenient, colors that complement each other and blend well.
Cons: Fallout, the applicators provided are awful, the packaging, and you need eyeshadow primer. 
For me the cons are easily fixed and the pros outweigh the cons. 
Two thumbs up

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