Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NYC Individual Eyes Shadow Palette.

I bought this palette on a whim. I was strolling along during my weekly RiteAid trip looking for a loose champagne shadow, which NYC had. I noticed that everything from NYC was on sale and was eying this palette. My boyfriend told me since its all on sale to just get it, giving me that push. I was so excited for this palette that I'm sure I was setting myself up for disappointment, because I was disappointed.
I truly wanted to like this product. 4 shadows that complement my eye color, a primer, an illuminator and a shadow brush all in one?! That sounded too good to be true, and it was. The shadows are chalky, and I mean annoyingly chalky. You have to rub your brush back and forth the get the color on, which creates immense fallout. And the darkest shade has the worst and messiest fallout out of them all. This would be worth it if the pigment was more then just "ok". But thats all they are. 
The primer was surprising because it was creamy and it did work. But after about a week the primer became hard and chalky just like the shadows. I had to stop even trying to use it because it was making me mad. The illuminator was the exact same way. I used it in the corner of my eyes, the center of my bottom lip or just over my shadow for some extra sparkle. And just like the primer it became hard and the sparkle made it feel gritty.
(Central Park)

(Central Park)

(Central Park)

Pros: pigment. packaging. portable.
Cons: chalky. fallout. bad primer. bad illuminator. 

The bottom line is I won't be buying this again. I did not enjoy it at all and the cons definitely out way the pros in my opinion, and I threw it away after taking the pictures for this blog.
I won't even waste my time putting my thumbs down for this palette

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