Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home made shadow palette and gift palette

 So yesterday at about 2 A.M I decided that I was going to depot the shadows that I could and make my own palettes and create more room in my makeup drawers. So i grab my shadows and tested to see which ones could handle being depotted and came up with 55 shadows, 3 CD cases, alot of ribbon, beads and hot glue.I decided that one palette would be filled with square shadows, and one with round.

The third I made because i was still feeling creative and is a surprise. The round palette is a classic black and white. White base, black bows, and a pearl bead in the bow. There is also a red rose in the corner, which i decided is going to be on all the palettes I make, like a signature. The inside cover also has the brand name and color of the shadows.

  This actually happens to be the first palette I made, it came out sort of messy, Uneven, wrapping paper, random beads, but I am pleased with it non the less. I think it looks great!
 This is my square palette. I covered it with wrapping paper i liked because it was super old, falling apart. I love the copper color and the designs on it, which i emphasized with the beads. The corner has my signature rose and the inside cover has the brand names and shadow colors. 
 This is my surprise palette. I think it looks the best, and came out the best.  If I would have known that this palette would come out this way, I would have made it for myself. HA. If your confused, I made this palette as a gift. I am not sure who is going to receive it yet, but I am definitely giving it away . 

Its a mostly neutral palette made out of loose shadow pots I had from an ULTA kit. There are some color to this palette, just because I think its nice to have some pops of color. I also added a silver, white and black for the classic smokey eye look. I used almost only ribbon all over this palette. There are a few simple touches that make it stand out. Like the 3 pictures on the inside, which is women from the Victorian age, just a beautiful inspiration, plus the beads on the bows, and my signature which is a rose in the corner. 

I am very pleased with how these palettes
turned out and I hope that the recipient of 
the gift palette thinks the same.
Two thumbs up for me :)

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