Monday, December 13, 2010

L'Oreal HIP Color Presso Lipgloss

This is my favorite lip gloss of ALL time. I love every thing about this gloss. The tube it's in. The colors they put together. The fact that you can mix them together for the shade you want. The feel, smell, taste. 
I wasn't really into coral/peach or pink colors but this has got me into them. I was on the L'Oreal website and you can create a beauty profile there and from that profile the site will show you what colors from which products you should try and the website suggested this for me. 
One day I had to go to CVS to return an awful mascara i bought the other day, but instead of just returning it I decided why not exchange it for something different, so i scooped this up and couldn't wait to put it on. The package was open and I was applying it before we reached the car. And that's all it took, i take it with me everyday now. 
The formula is thick and a bit sticky, which not everyone likes, but I love it, thats what helps it stay on your lips longer. It finishes with a nice sheen, and the color i mix it to is perfect, it even got my boyfriend to comment on how great my lips looked. It smells sweet and tastes sweet. (also my boyfriend doesen't like to kiss me if i have anything on my lips, even chap stick, but he doesn't mind kissing me with this on) 


(top right:coral/peach, bottom right: pink, left: snazzy)

Pros: Thick, customizable, sheen, smell, taste
Cons: price, sticky
This is a little on the pricey side, but I have spent more on worse lip glosses. Definitely going to buy more colors.
Two thumbs way up up up

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