Thursday, December 16, 2010

CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 3 Kit Shadows

I bought this on a whim when I was taking my cousin to Ulta to help her pick out some new makeup, since I have that store memorized. And since i was in a makeup store, I had to get something(s). :)
This was during the time where i decided I'm going to start wearing eyeshadow, because I never really wore it before. I had heard some great reviews on CoverGirl shadows, especially this one. And for all the raving about this product, it fell a little short to me.
They were not as pigmented as i expected. It is buildable, but even then, its still a sheer, very shimmery color.The darkest color is the most pigmented, because its dark and it is a nice orangey/brown, I kinda like it.
My favorite out of the three is the lightest shade. A nice, light, lemony shade that is perfect in the corner of my eyes or as a highlighter. 
The absolute worst (to me) is the medium shade, which looks like a beautiful copper but turned out to look just plain orange on me. Its ugly, hands down. Also, it feels gritty compared to the others. 
(Golden Sunset)

(Golden Sunset)

(Golden Sunset)

Pros: good highlight color, good dark all over lid color. 2 out of 3 feel soft.
Cons: awful flimsy packaging. Awful medium color. gritty medium color. bad applicators. 
Bottom line is I will only repurchase this if i cannot find the shades in this kit that i like on their own. I might try the other colors that are offered but I'm not sure. 
One thumb up

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