Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Diving Deeper into my Obsession

I'm sure I figured out part of why I seem to be so obsessed with makeup. 
Lets start with the fact that my mother wasn't strict, or crazy, she just wanted me to wait to wear makeup until i was 18. But there was a loophole to her rule, I was in high school show choir.
This meant: loud make-up, big lashes, flashy costumes along with the singing and dancing. In show choir you travel to different cities and perform in competitions, so you have to sing perfectly, dance all out, and also be able to be seen from stage. And i can't believe i forgot that i use to do makeup and eyelashes. But i only did it for competitions and shows. But that is how my makeup collection started.
Another time was one time, when I was 15, I went to my friends house early one day because she wanted to do my makeup, I wasn't really into it, I didn't really care about makeup, I wasn't a true girly girl. But the day she did my makeup I met a guy and later landed him as my first real boyfriend, and the makeup gave me the confidence to actually go up and talk to him.
After that one of my best friends taught me how to put eyeliner on because I didn't understand that it could go on top or on my water line. Ha!
Then in my senior year my best friend taught me how to put makeup on. We are the same skin color and tone so she was able to put on foundation and powder, she taught me about eyeshadow. And from there I really became enthralled with it. 
So i suppose this all came from not being able to really wear makeup in my house as a teenager, also my mother not teaching me, but then having my best friend teach me, and me wanting to be like her. Its been fun going down my makeup memory lane.

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