Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's in my purse?

I understand that no one is reading my blog yet, so why would i do a "what's in my purse" blog post, since no one really cares but me, and i will tell you why! Because i care.... and i'm also bored. i also don't have any pictures, so here we go!

1. Hand sanitizer. The world is full of sticky, dirty messes. Hand sanitizer is a god send
2.Hand lotion with hand sanitizing beads in them, to moisturize and clean, i love multi-tasking.
3. My deodorant, not because i need it, but because sometimes i forget to put it on, or i fall asleep at my boyfriends house and in the morning i don't want him to know that i'm human and can smell bad. 
4. A wide toothed comb. My natural hair is wavy/ slightly curly and regular brushed can mat down your hair, make it frizzy, while wide toothed combs just lets your hair be.
5. My make-up case, which is currently holding 21 different pieces of make-up
6. Make-up remover wipes, because i wear make-up and its just smart
7. My Ipod touch with the headphones, and the charger.
8. Eyeglass case plus glasses

And there we go, thats my purse, and i have to say, its minimal, i usually have more things in there, like kaleidescope, finger puppets, or lanyards, just because you never know whats going to happen each day

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