Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eyebrows Make Your Face: NYX eyebrow cake powder

I love love love this product. I believe that eyebrows completely change your face, if I had to do only one makeup ritual in the morning, it would be doing my eyebrows. I use to use Smashbox's brow tech to go, which I do love, but it was like taking a crayon and drawing on your face with it, which I got over quickly, they only offer 2 colors and it costs almost 30 dollars. On the other hand the NYX eyebrow cake powder has 6 shades and is only 5 dollars, to me, thats a great value.
This kit contains 2 eyebrow colors, setting wax, a slanted brush for application and a round brush to shape and style your brows. It's super pigmented and little goes a long way, so don't think you need to fill your brush with powder, I just dip my brush into the lightest color. The colors can be used alone or blended together to find your most natural shade, and if you're like me and tired of eyebrow pencils, this powder is perfect. 
I'm so glad i stumbled upon this product, it goes on my brows easily and looks more natural. I love the fact that it comes with its own wax, and just like the colors a little goes a long way, I just press my finger lightly into the way and sweep it over my brows and that's all I need to keep my brows looking great all day/night. I give this a big 2 thumbs up, and if I had more thumbs, I'd put those up as well.

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