Thursday, December 23, 2010

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow

I really wanted to like this palette, but I can't make myself do anything. This yeah my father doesn't want to celebrate Christmas, or even be in town because it reminds him of my mom too much, so he bought me a new T.V and gave me some money because he felt bad that I don't get Christmas. So what did I do? I bought other people presents and bought stuff for myself, and by stuff I mean makeup. This palette was one of the pieces I picked up. 
The colors are beautiful in the pan, and the colors are coordinated wonderfully, but its just... bleh. The colors are so SHEER. Its ridiculous. And annoying. They're sheer, glittery and have glitter fallout. 
The colors are super soft and incredibly blendable, but without primer, they blend right into one color, one mud color. There is so much potential with this quad it drives me nuts. I'm not losing hope though. I'm going to try this using wet brushes, and hopefully I like it better. 
(Green With Envy)

(Green With Envy)

(Green With Envy)

Pros: blendable. soft. wet/dry application.
Cons: sheer. glittery. fallout. needs primer.
I'm going to keep trying this product until I get fed up enough. I've also heard good things about the other quads, so I might try those. 
One thumb up

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