Sunday, December 19, 2010

CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Eye Shadow

I bought this because I am obsessed with the new trend of complementing shadows in a palette that are suppose to make your eye color pop. I love my hazel eyes so anything to help them shine I have to try. 
I convinced my cousin to get this and saw how the colors were on her and decided I should get one for myself. She had the Vibrant Browns, and the instructions on the back of the case works for that color, for the hazels on the other hand, its better to find your own way to put it on because the instructions make it look awful. (on me at least)
I like the two lightest shades, the green and then a butter-cream color. The colors are sheer and shimmery, but the green looks amazing in the corner of my eye and the butter-cream is a good highlight. The light brown/taupe is just blah. Its boring and doesn't really do anything for me. And the darker brown/red brown is a beautiful pigmented color but has too much fallout to be the liner shade its intended to be. You also definitely need a primer unless you like your eyeshadow fading away.
(Majestic Hazel)

(Majestic Hazel)

(Majestic Hazel)

Pros: pigmented. beautiful colors. makes you eyes pop
Cons: fallout. needs primer. bad instructions.
I will keep using this, but not how CoverGirl is instructing to use it. And with a primer the colors are great.
One thumb up

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