Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Foundation

So this is a foundation claiming to "instantly erase lines and creases, making skin look lifted" Its a super concentrated makeup with spf 18 , Goji Berry and Collagen. It says its for all skin types and is a multi-patented innovation with 7 years of research.

On top is a anti-microbial sponge ball where the foundation comes out of. I thought the ball was innovative, it works like copper, in which it sanitizes itself, too bad I don't think the ball works, and they don't give you and option to unscrew the cap to get the foundation out for yourself without having to rely on twisting it out through the sponge ball. 

 The color is a great match for me, that is about the only positive I have for this, since I sort of hate it. How the foundation comes out is inconsistent. I'll twist and it'll come out reasonably fine, then other times nothing with come out, so I twist and twist to no avail, then all of a sudden there is too much foundation. Annoying. It is incredibly hard to blend, so if you accidentally  get too much foundation on your face, ooppsie, you'll probably end up looking cakey. You have to put this on very lightly to get it to work well.

So this foundation makes my skin look and feel like an oil slick. It is AWFUL. I blame the spf but it is just bad. It has an spf smell and feel so so heavy. I have never had a foundation feel like i put a mask on before now. Its just a heavy feeling, horrible smelling, oily mess. Ugh.

Another thing the spf does is give an awful white cast with flash. Do you see that? It literally looks like a mask. I didn't think the spf was high enough to do this but it is, so I suggest if you ever use this, don't take flash photos. 
Besides that, there is a good thing. It does make my skin look good. Covers up the red and dark spots, so thats nice, I suppose. I can't return this (because I lost the receipt) So I'm going to make it work some how because I really don't want it to waste. Maybe I'll use it for when filming videos, so I don't waste my HG foundation up fast, but I'm not sure.
I don't recommend this
Two thumbs down

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