Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All About TheBalm, A Review

A little bit ago I had a bad week. And when I mean bad week, I mean every single day was a knock you down in the dirt, kick you while you're down and pour salt in your wounds, kind of day. Needless to say by day 7 i was tired and in need of something, anything to calm me down, help me relax, make up for one of the worst weeks of all time.So I decided to spend a few days at my boyfriends place, get away for a while and  I had a little extra spending money and was planning to maybe hit up BigLots, Walgreens, where the usual bargainista shops for beauty. Then spending the rest on him. Get him something fun. Unfortunately for him, and lucky for me, he took me to TJMaxx. 

I have only been to 1 TJMaxx before in my city and it was GOD awful. Everything I cared to look at was stolen, touched or ruined. Plus they never had anything worth buying in the first place. His was AMAZING. I can't remember the last time I was so in love with a store. And they had TheBalm, I thought that was an online myth. I found so many things that my boyfriend told me to spend on the money on myself, that I deserved it, bless his heart. Well I got 2 gift sets and a palette, my total for them being about 65 dollars, trust me, thats a steal! Whew that was a long back story, lets get started!

First, can we start off with the cutest packaging ever! Even the boyfriend was impressed, and pointed out all the little details I missed. I'm saving all the boxes because I'm just super impressed and obsessed with it. Moving on.

Cheater! Mascara
Aside from the cute tube that matches the box, this mascara is just bleh. For me at least. I had to press it into my lashes to get any mascara on my lashes and found that I had to push so hard I got mascara on my lids, which is more than annoying. It didn't really do anything for my lashes that a 2 dollar mascara wouldn't do. I really wanted to like this mascara, but it is more than underwhelming. Not recommending this. 

Hot Ticket Nail Polish in Princess
I knew I was going to at least love the color of this polish from the first time I saw it. A taupy- champagne color, its definitely something I gravitate towards when buy polish. It goes on smoothly and evenly and has lasted me about 5 days. I am completely smitten with it. 

Mary-Lou Manizer
I Have been lusting over this luminizer for a while now. I don't know what it is but I am a sucker for highlights and luminizing powders. And when I found this in a gift set at TJMaxx, I HAD to get it. It is a gorgeous golden highlight that is velvety smooth and pigmented. It blends so beautifully and effortlessly. This is quickly becoming my favorite highlighter. 

Overshadow in Work is Overrated
This is a lovely shimmering pink champagne mineral shadow designed to go over shadow you already have on. So you can imagine that it can be quite sheer, but is buildable, letting it be a gorgeous shadow all on its own. This is soft, pigmented and shimmery, so you know what that means, FALLOUT! Yikes. But I wouldn't expect anything less from a loose shadow.

Balms Away Eye Makeup Breakup
This is a really interesting eye makeup remover. It is in a tin and reminds me of menthol-camphor, or Vaseline. The tin is locked unless you press on the little area that says "press" lol. And I love that!
I had wanted to get a waterproof eye makeup remover, you know the kind where its two liquids that you shake together, but I read the packaging of this and decided to get the set, what could it hurt? I am so happy I got this because it is insane how awesome it is. Within 30 seconds my eye makeup was gone with no oily residue and my lashes were actually softer thanks in part to all the vitamins inside. I am more than thrilled with this remover and I hear it lasts a long time.

Plump Your Pucker Gloss in Cocoa my Coconut
This is one of those products that I could have lived without honestly. Its a pretty tinted gloss, and it smells like cocoa butter and coconut, which is nice, but it doesn't plump, and to get the color I got in the picture, I had to put about 4 layers of gloss on. I mean, its ok, and now that I have it I'll use it, but its not something I'd go out and purchase, or recommend. 

Shady Lady Palette
This was the main happiness of that shopping trip. This was the first thing I spotted and when I found out it was more than just the sleeve and it wasn't used, I was ecstatic. Finding this palette is what made me look around the beauty isle and find all the other TheBalm products. I am just so giddy that I finally got my hands on this palette. These colors are so so soft and go on like butter. Pigmented and beautiful. The last time I was so enamored with a palette was with the Naked palette. Plus the shadows last, i feel that I need to wear a primer just so that the shadows come off easy.

All in all I love everything I have by TheBalm, except for those few items. I definitely recommend almost everything I have, plus this brand,
Two thumbs up

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