Saturday, April 2, 2011

Too Faced Perfect Lips Lip Liner

Lets just jump into this. I had a lot of expectations for this lip liner because it was
A. a high end brand name
B. promises to do alot
C. a brand I absolutely loved
But I was let down
I received this in Too Faced's Gorgeous Lips Everyday Kit. It was about 30 bucks but I love their kits and when I saw it I was definitely going to get it.
This is what Too Faced promises:
Your One & Only: The only lip liner you need, regardless of lip color. Perfectly In Place: Anti-feathering, waterproof formula wont fade, budge or smudge.

Anti-aging: Natural antioxidants and Vitamin E protect and moisturize, preventing lips from aging.

Protects & Hydrates: Jojoba Oil nourishes, smoothes and soothes for a perfectly in-place pout.

Effortless Application: This creamy, natural liner glides on smoothly while the 
sleek, fine tip allows for precise application

So does it do as it promises?
For me, thats a no. 
My lipstick feathers and bleeds out when i use this, its like I didn't use a lip liner at all. It dries out my lips horribly, even if i moisturize my lips first. It was creamy at first, but by my second time trying it it was hard as a rock, and equally as hard to sharpen. I tried to give this product a good go, but I'll be honest, I hate it, its awful. 
I don't have any pros for this product. I understand that it could be different with a different person, but I won't use it again, and i won't recommend it.
I won't even put in the effort to put my thumbs down.

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  1. lordy girl!
    thats a big disappointment especially for what you spent on it!
    great review
    i'm now following you yay!