Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV Review

This was a love at first site palette. I have been lusting over this palette since it was released and immediately rushed to my ULTA when I found out they finally had it in stock. I needed to swatch it and see it and drool all over it, plus I had a hundred dollars burning a hole in my pocket. But when it came down to it, I couldn't justify play $64 for a palette, even if it was filled with lots of goodies. Instead I bought some drugstore goodies, and dinner, and clothes.
I regretted it the next day.
And ever since then I would go and look at this palette online and just dream about when I could get it. 
After Christmas Urban Decay put the palette on sale for about $40, and with an extra coupon I got another $15 off, how could I say no that. I ordered it immediately after Urban Decay sent me the email. 
It comes with 16 eye shadows, I consider them mostly neutral, 1 liquid liner in Perversion, travel size Primer Potion, and Supercurling Super Curl Mascara and mini speakers for your phone.
Thats amazing.

So I consider 10 of these shades to be more neutral, and I actually like it better than my NAKED palette. I think the neutral colors are more the kind I lean towards and there are 2 taupes. LOVE!
The only problem I have is that Midnight Cowgirl and Midnight Rodeo have CHUNKY glitter in it.
I think the colors are gorgeous and I use them, but I hate that if I forget to tap tap tap my brush, I'll have glitter on my face all day
Because we all know that glitter is like herpes.
You just can't get rid of it.
I actually found my perfect neutral, cat eye look with this palette.
The liquid liner is one of the best I have ever used. The color just goes on so smooth and so pigmented. This is why people invest in expensive liquid liners.
I don't like the mascara. Plain and simple. It doesn't curl and barely holds a curl.
The Primer Potion is amazing. Of course. 
And the speakers are a great little bonus. 
I LOVE this palette. The shadows are pigmented and beautiful. It is definitely worth the money.
Two thumbs up

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