Monday, February 7, 2011

Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara

Let's be honest, when you watch enough YouTube videos, and read enough blogs you give into the hype of products. I give in all the time. If I hear good things about a product enough times, I will go out and buy it. That is exactly what I did with this mascara, and that was a mistake. 
I have never tried Rimmel London products before and wasn't sure what to expect but there are so many beauty gurus who raved about this mascara so one day while browsing my local ULTA and came across the Rimmel London display and thought "why not?" 
I hate how this brush is shaped, and hot wet the formula is. My lashes weren't sexy at all, especially since I only had about 3 lashes when I was done because my lashes did nothing but clump together.
I returned this mascara.

Pros: The bottle shape and color is cute.
Cons: Stupid brush. Wet formula. Clumps lashes. 

The bottom line is I hate this mascara. I have told my friends to not even try this mascara. 
Two thumbs down

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  1. Hey nice blog!

    I have not tried this mascara simply because I didn't like the shape of the brush lol when I buy Rimmel mascara I stick to the Volume Flash one as this never fails me, but maybe it just depends on how you apply it and what your eyelashes are like?

    If you like check out my blog and let me know what you think (I'm still fairly new to all this!)