Friday, September 24, 2010

Introductions must be made

Well lets get started. let me show you my recently renovated make-up collection. As in i threw away a lot, and i mean a lot, of my make-up. I think of it as making room for more, so i can do new reviews (and so i can buy more make-up)
 This picture is of the make-up bag that is always in my purse. make-up i will, without a doubt, use every day
 This is a picture of all the make-up in my make-up bag spread out/
 This is a picture of my make-up travel bag. i keep it net to my mirror. Its for make-up thats a little more dramatic
 This is the make-up out of the travel bag.
This is the rest of my make-up in my professional make-up case. It's make-up that i switch out of my everyday make-up bag.
As you can see, thats a lot of make-up, and i still want more! There will be reviews and pictures of the products i have, and products i will be getting! Stay tuned!

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